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The Arrangement
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Walk through the Arrangement showroom and it’s truly an amazing adventure. The Arrangement stands above the rest as it showcases refined, rustic and inherently unique furniture and accessories crafted by artisans from around the world. Offering its clientele an opportunity to shop for one-of-a-kind, elegant pieces rich in native western heritage, the Arrangement is changing what people think of western furniture by increasing the selection, offering eclectic designs and continuously changing what is on the showroom floor.

The Best of the New West collection encompasses a variety of styles, offering something for everyone, whether it’s the Tuscan-inspired Villa Sienna, the Victorian-style Cattle Baron line, the extremely popular Elegant Rustic collection or the sleek Mountain Modern.

With locations in both Dallas and Houston and more than 60,000 feet of showroom and warehouse space, The Arrangement offers everything from sofas, beds and tables for every occasion to rugs, lighting and one-of-a-kind accessories. The Arrangement and its Design Team are ready to help you with your selection and brilliantly handle any project, from a single room to a full homestead, a loft or office suite, to create a place so outstanding you definitely will have a story to tell.
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Celebrating the beginning of their 20th year of greatness, owner Katherine Snedeker is hailed as The Chief by her peers, co-workers and customers. Part of the celebration includes the astounding fact that she has multiplied sales exponentially in the past four years.

When Ms. Snedeker took over the reins, she successfully changed the branding from “mom and pop” western to a niche of high-end and elegant rustic furnishings. She expanded the collections and engaged in the philosophy to aim at the primary homebuyer, not just the vacation home. Believing that the spirit of the west is a “style that is inclusive” she was determined to offer exquisite one-of-a-kind furnishings that would make people say, “I love that,” when they looked around at the choices they had made for their home and office. The incredible showrooms, located in Dallas and Houston, are a testament to her vision.

In continuing her commitment to reducing the impact on our natural resources, Katherine employs artisans from the regional West and all world points, offering a furniture mix ranging in reclaimed woods from England, Brazil and the American West. Old mesquite mission doors team up with antique oxen yokes to make office desks, consoles and dining tables. Old Brazilian factories are torn down and the wood is recycled into living, dining and bedroom pieces. Beams are harvested from castles, roots are dug up after the trees have been cut down and the result is a piece of furniture that has a story to tell as well as being a special part of history.

Combining a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts and a talent for creating unique home environments, Katherine’s expertise is blending styles together, not matching but combining a fusion of elements that will create a very entertaining environment. “It is the look that is very difficult to capture, because it must feel comfortable – livable.” Keeping both the customer and the Design Team engaged, and the talent to design looks that are ‘custom tailored to fit’ is what she partly attributes to her growth and keeps The Arrangement’s customer coming back.

The ability to order custom pieces has opened up a new market for designers and architects. Likewise the commercial market has embraced the edited down look of the rustic woods teamed up with distressed leathers in a sleeker design line. ‘Organic Contemporary’ or ‘Mountain Modern’ are the names that Katherine uses. The new frontier for Ms. Snedeker is the commercial audience that is professionally seeking organic solutions for today’s marketplace.

What there is for anyone to understand about rugs will take a lifetime. As my friend Manas says, “You can know too much about rugs, and you can have a passion that makes up for everything.” So taking this advice to heart years ago, as an artist I analyzed what visually happens in a room when there is or isn’t a rug. My process has been distilled like whiskey in the oak barrel down to two things.

One, the rug pattern is dominant in the room and “lifts” upward in energy. Two, the rug pattern is not dominant and settles down to the floor.

That’s rug visuals – now onto the “emotionals” of a rug in a room. No matter how beautiful the flooring is and this is particularly difficult for almost everyone, you don’t need a sea of wood, tile, stone or polished concrete. It has been my experience that the reason kitchens are the gathering point of any locale (home or office) is the forced proximity of the individuals in the space. English please, we’re closer together than in any other room and it feels good. Tighter spaces make us comfortable. So soaring ceilings and wood molding are intellectually comforting but not emotionally satisfying – No matter what the view is out the windows you will always go to the kitchen and hang out.

Rugs visually add an emotional element that lowers the ceiling and creates the island of sanctuary in any room. Another positive point is that stone, wood and glass windows are balanced with the color and texture and pattern of rugs. It balances the inside with the outside and makes the space warmer without having a fire burning. Incredible you may say. I repeat back to you, yes. Incredible.

For the novice, your first response will be, “it’s too busy, I can’t have pattern on the furniture and have a pattern in the rug.” It is this tape that plays in your head and I need to know whose voice is on that tape. Seriously, whose voice is it? Without erasing that tape, we can’t introduce change. Change for the better. How many design magazines have neutral furniture with neutral rugs with neutral painted walls? Many are all one color. As a creative person this is fine for OCD folks. The rest of us like to be entertained by our homes.